User Guide
Introductions on Charging Procedures:

Swipe the card:
When charging pillars are available to use, words that “Welcome to use Potevio China Charging Service System, please swipe your card” are shown on the screens. Customers could swipe cards or scan QR codes for authentication.

Connect the charging gun:
After successful authentication, thesystem will remind you to connect the charging gun by showing “Please plug the charging gun into the charging connector within 120 seconds” on the screen. Connect the charging gun and make sure that the screenhas jumped into the following interface “Charging in process”.

Plug out the charging gun:
Plug the charging gun out of the charging connector on the vehicle to end the current charging process. The charging interface will jump to “charging settlement” on which there will be “charging time length” and “electricity consumption”, and it will remind users to plug the charging gun out of the charging pillar.
Other instructions:

Charging Appointment:
after successful appointment on Internet or by APP, customers could directly go to the appointed charging pillars, swipe the card or scan the QR code to start the charging process. Non-appointed card number or non-binding account could not pass the authentication.

Charging Pause:
swipe the card or scan the QR code for another time, and the charging process could pause. It could be restarted for charging or ended for charging settlement.

Indicator Lights:
Green light = charging pillar is ready
绿Green light blinking = charging pillar has been appointed
Yellow light = charging in process
Red light = equipment breakdown
Customer Service
Potevio New Energy will endeavor to provide you 24-hour telephone service which includes providing information, consultation of operating guidance and breakdown repair, etc. In the meanwhile, we will sincerely listen to your kind advice and try to provide you the convenient, comfortable and considerate service.
Customer Service Hotline: 400-669-9246.

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